Feb 5, 2014

Is Rachel Too Thin!? Or What do You Think!?

So I may or may not controversy with what I'm saying today. This is my opinion. 

So I don't usually watch The Biggest Loser. I  usually just watch the first episode, makeover episode, and finale. 

So Rachel the winner is my age. She started at 260. So I could relate to her. I also related to her because she gained weight from a bad breakup. So I was rooting for her. 

When she started. 

I loved her makeover and she only had a few more lbs to go. And she looked beautiful. 151 right there. 

So I haven't watched the finale. However I saw that she won!! I was so excitied! However I saw what she weighed in I was in shock. So I looked. I couldn't believe it.

See for yourself !! 

She is 105 lbs!!!! I'm sorry that is way too skinny!! Especially  for her height of 5ft 4 in!!

Another look. 

Yes she probably did get this low for the money. But it comes with a price. She could remain the size or go up to her "perfect" weight for her. 

Even my ideal weight is 103-113. I am a small frame and 4'11. I know I won't look healthy. So that's one reason my goal is 125-130. 

So yeah there's my 2 cents for the day. 

Some people have been saying she's too thin. To me she is a little. But most of her body is muscle now if you really look at her. 

I don't know what to think. I'm kind of still processing it. In no way am I judging her at all. 

As an overweight young woman her age I feel her pain about weight gain. 




  1. I haven't gotten into watching The Biggest Loser for a few years now - but like you, I try to tune in for a few episodes. I didn't see anything this season but have been watching the whirlwind of everyone's opinion on her weight loss. I do think she looks incredibly thin - but what do we really expect when it comes to a show that is based on extremes? The time & program they are focused while at the ranch is just not even close to being realistic but I do think it can be very motivational and inspiring (hell, it's inspired me!) I think if they focused on losing weight and then gaining muscle, she would have had a better overall appearance but that's just because I'm biased to that look. It's still tremendous amount of dedication she had to lose that much weight, seriously amazing and huge kudos to her for doing it!

    Also, girl YOU SHORT. haha. I'm like a foot taller than you. Hahaha.

  2. Holy moly--I haven't seen this season's episodes (minus the very first one, which I watched since I accidentally DVRed it), but that seems to be a bit extreme. I wonder what implications this publicly televised show has on kids?!

  3. I heard about this on the radio. I hadn't seen a picture of her and don't watch the show. But I agree. She looks really skinny. I'm just worried that she won't be able to keep it off now that the show is over.

    I honestly don't know if it's too skinny or not. I mean, it's a lot of weight that she lost and I bet she will gain a bit of it back.

  4. I think she's too small too - but maybe she did just do it for the money? Perhaps she'll but a bit of it back on. I've never watched The Biggest Loser, but this girl is EXACTLY my frame and size. I've managed to drop 20 pounds this year thus far, but I can't imagine ever weighing 105! Crazy! My goal weight is 140-160, and right now my focus is just to be under 200.

  5. Too small! Some of these fast weight loss programs actually plant the seed for eating disorders.