Jun 24, 2015

Hello Friends

Hello Friends!!

I know it's been a very long long time. A lot has been going on. I had a job then I didn't have one. I now have one again. :) I also been suffering with writer's block and not been motivated at all not just with writing but with my personal health as well. 

So I just had a big wake up call to myself again today. So starting tomorrow huge change is in store for me. I know I can do this but I need your help! Please help me and keep me accountable. I know I have a few friends out here that will. Thanks again for everything! 



Apr 20, 2015

Hello Again..

A lot has changed since I last posted. I've been really want to blog but I haven't had the drive. Now how ever I feel like I'm slowly but surely getting it back. 

First things first I finally got a job!!! I'm on my third week and loving it! I'm doing a great job they have said! 

Second thing is me and my Adam celebrated one year the other week!! So look for a post about that soon!! 

That's mainly all the good news but I need to get ready for work. So today was a short and sweet post! 



Apr 1, 2015

1 Year Ago

A year ago today my life changed forever.   God spoke to me about how I was living my life. I wasn't living for God. I was angry. I was upset all the time. 

That morning he spoke to me. He was like you are beautiful and so much more. 

I am living for God one day at a time. 

I want to thank my friends in real life, friends in online life who I can't wait to meet one day, and my family. 

Then also I would like to thank my Adam. He's been with my almost year!! 



Mar 10, 2015


Sorry I haven't been blogging like I said I was going to. I'm just so busy lately. We had a death on Adam's side of the family, his birthday, plus I was just laid off. 

Yep I have no job right now. So I'm putting in applications left and right. I already had 2 interviews. One said I will hopefully hearing back this week and the other one said next week sometime. 

I'm ready to just here back from them because I'm tired of not working. 

I'm also going to blogging idea party thing tonight for Magic City Bloggers. So maybe I will get some more ideas and such. 



Feb 19, 2015

Happy 95th Birthday

Today is my grandfather's 95th birthday!! He was one awesome dude! I know I promised yall a post about him on MLK but since his birthday is a significant one. :) 

He was born in 1920 right when the 1920s were roaring. He was the son of a Methodist minister who was of his time either. My great grandfather got run out of the town one time for burying a black woman who was at the time living with white man.  He was also one of the few white pastors who met with Dr. King during Selma-Montgomery match.

My grandfather married my grandma in 1946. My dad was the surprise. She was 40 when she had. She was beautiful. 

She passed away in 1970. I can't wait for the day to meet her. 

My grandfather was also ahead of his time. He stood up to the KKK.  I'm so glad to be have their blood running through my veins.  My grandfather is getting to live through so much. He never thought an African American would be president during his lifetime or my state would allow people that are gay to be allowed to marry. He's proud that he lived this long to see it. I am proud to be his granddaughter and have his middle name. 

Thank you Grandaddy Arthur/Paw Paw! I love you! 

Jan 27, 2015

Commit Part 1

Hello Everyone!

Today is the first day of the series of my Commit. I know I have been lacking in posting about it. Just a lot of family mess going on. 

So back to commit! The first thing I'm ready to commit to is back to working out. I have not been working out since end of November. 

I started back working out tonight. I got to admit it definitely hurt. I know I'm going to be sleeping good tonight! 

So pleaSe be in prayer that I keep this up. The most I kept up with is 6 months. I really hope I can do better then that. 

I am also going to do cardio on my off days!! 

Thanks for the support!! 


Jan 21, 2015

Sorry For 2 Weeks Off

Hey Yall.

Sorry for a 2 week delay. I was given the sinus infection from he double hockey sticks.

 I started feeling bad last Thursday. I finally got to feeling betting Tuesday because I got got a shot, plus 2 meds at the Dr Monday. 

Al weather is being so bi polar. So I'm still on the mend. 

I hopefully will have a post for yall tomorrow. 

So to hold you off until tomorrow some new pics of me and Adam!! 

We now have been together 9 months!!

I was sick on Sat so I was little drugged up. Haha. He made me his famous chili. We   watched our favorite Disney movies and cuddled! One of my favorite things to do! Since we never just lay down and rest! 

I love this boy even if he makes silly faces.