Feb 17, 2014

Another Wake Up Call..

So I have been really slacking lately with my health again and it's not been fun at all. 

with all the stupid weather and just not being motivated at all I've had enough of it. and some personal issues I don't really want to dive into right now. 

I even missed my 5K I was supposed to run/walk on Saturday because I was just lazy and lacking motivation at all. 

So starting today I'm starting afresh. I hope y'all can help me keep accountable. I'm back to drinking my water.  I hope to be down at least 225 by the end of the month. I know I can do it. I'm only 2 lbs away. then that would make my weight loss 25 lbs!! :) so I could mark off one goal!! thanks for supporting me again!! 

I would love to point at Mosby from Smplicity Is Key for waking me up as well!!  



1 comment:

  1. The food part is my biggest struggle. I love working out once I get into the routine of it, but food. IS SO HARD!!!
    I hope you make it to your 2 pound loss this month!