Feb 3, 2014

40 Day Challenge plus some!

So I signed to do Overcome The Lie's 40 Day Challenge. Last time I did one with these ladies it wrecked me in a good awesome way. I can't wait to see what's in store. 

So this time I am fasting from some huge major things that have come in the way for me. Not just spiritually, but physically as well. 

For spiritually I'm giving up secular music. That's a tough one for me. Music is my heart, soul, and then some. However I have not been listening to my Christian/Worship music like I should. So for the next now 37 days I will be only listening to that. Plus I may add a few more days because I absolutely love to start off my days with it. 

Physically I'm giving up 2 things. One being carbonated drinks. I used to be off from them completely because my parents didn't buy them. However they are back to it. So right now my head is throbing out of control for some.  I will be getting rid of this habit completely not just for 40 days. 

The next one being fast food. I've been so bad here lately with this one. I honestly don't know why I picked up this habit again. Mainly due to laziness and necessity. If I has a drive thru then no eating for me.  

My face has been breaking out more then usual. From the fried food and fries. This will help with my weight loss too. This will hopefully turn into a great thing where I won't need it at all. Or unless I have to after these 40 days. 

So these are fasts for the 40 days I would love for y'all to keep me accountable to them!! 




  1. I need to give up fast food too. Does Subway count? We are having that tonight, but I'm getting my usual turkey sub (I think that's low calories?) I love me some Chick fil A though and Wendys. Mmm Wendys! I need to stop wanting it though. Nothing good came from fast food and all the carbs.

    We can do it!!

  2. Maybe a better alternative than 'fast food' would be to give up processed food? Like Kristyn said, Subway is technically fast food genre but you can get a really healthy whatever there as opposed to a burger & fries from elsewhere. I noticed that Taco Bell even has a healthy/light menu! Just remind yourself of what your end goal is every time your mind/stomach tries to deter you! You're great and totally got this!