Dec 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014... Hello 2014

Oh 2014 you've been such an up and down year. I am kind of glad to get rid of it. 

In Feburary I thought my life was over when my heart was broken by Bryan. Even now looking back there was signs since August 2013 that it wasn't going to work. He was letting work get in the way. He was blaming work for not calling or texting me. 

Then I was so mad at the world and at God. I was so mad that God at that time took away what I thought was the best thing in my life. That was until April. 

April 1 oh the irony. God and me finally had a heart to heart. I regave my life to him. 

Then a week later. My Adam came into my life. He has changed my life so much for the better. He encourages me daily. He thinks I'm beautiful when I don't think I am. I can't believe it will be 9 months soon. 

He treats me 100000x better then all those jerks combined. 

I then finding out jerk # 2 never loved me hit me like a ton of bricks. Even though I was with Adam. It still hurt. 

Then in October I turned 25. I am still in shock. I know that may sound weird and all. 18 year old Kaitlyn didn't think she would make it this far because all of her crap she went through. 

Now in December I was blessed to go to HAWAII for Christmas and New Years!! I will be sharing these posts when I get back!

I also will be posting my 2015 goals. Have a safe and amazing New Years  Eve!! 



Nov 25, 2014


These past few weeks have been struggle for me physically, emotionally, and etc. 

Like I want to speak out about it but it's hard to.

So right now I am keeping myself silent.

 I just need prayer. 



Nov 12, 2014

7 Months Ago...

7 months ago today I took a chance and went on a date with guy who I had only been talking to for a few days.

  He was everything I dreamed about when I was little girl. 

First he was a Christian. You see I did date guys that were Christians before but however this felt different. Like I can't even describe it. 

Second he was a family guy. He cared about his family it was evident. 

Third he was kind and sweet. Never really had a bad word to say whenever we texted or talked. 

Fourth he loved movies. That was one of the first thing that got us talking. 

Fifth he loved musicals. I had long forgotten about my love of musicals since the other 2 didn't like them. 

Sixth he was a foodie. I myself love weird kind of food. Even though there's a few things I won't even try aka chicken livers sorry babe. Haha. 

there's so much I could tell yall but I'm going to leave it at that. Haha. 

now for some picture spam! Haha. 

The pic from our first date.

the first wedding we attended as a couple! :) 

Right after he asked my dad permission to date me. 

Us being silly. 

One of my favs from our photo shoot! :) 

From the last wedding we went to at the beginning of this month. 



Nov 7, 2014

These Are My Confessions.

So def when I put this title all I can think is that Usher song like 10 years ago... or whenever it was. 

So my confessions of this week... 

1. I know I said I was going to blog more, but I really swear I will. This week has been not the best for me at all. 

2. I'm really glad it is Friday. Like I said this week has been rough and hard and emotional. 

3. Dead lifts are evil spawn. So are jumping jacks, squat jacks, and power jacks. 

4. I'm ready to as Adam tomorrow! I haven't seen him since Sunday. It will also be 7 months tomorrow since we started talking and then a few days after that 7 months since first date. I miss and love this guy so much! 

He's such a nut. :) 

that's about it for today. 



Oct 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend has been one of my favorites in awhile. I got to see 2 close friends and with my guy as well. 
Adam also made me laugh until my belly hurt because his shaving cream had a explosion. 

Me and Adam got up left his house around 10 so we could meet our friend Lauren and her new boyfriend Travis. We listened to Christmas music on the way down because 96.5 started playing Christmas music on Friday night. :). 

We had lunch at Zoe's it was so yummy and also had cupcakes at Cupcakes by Tish. And Travis got approved by myself and Adam!! Even though his kilt yes I said KILT threw me for a loop.

Next we had dinner here with one of my best friends Rachel and her hubby Ben and his parents. who I haven't seen since their wedding 2 1/2 years ago!

Yummy! Even though someone cough couch Adam was scared to try some oysters. 

We also did the haunted hearse tour in Montgomery which was fun and great!! Even though the guy was late. 

Me and Rachel she didn't want to take a pic. haha. 

She also then told me that her and Ben are in the process of having a baby!!!!!!! yeah!!!  

This weekend was one of the best ones in a awhile. The next few weekends are going to be crazy good so look for my recaps!! 

Love y'all, 


Oct 24, 2014

Back to Blogging

So I have been on blogging break once again. At first I thought I wanted to start all over with a new blog and new address and everything. Then talking to Mandy one of my sweet new friends in Firework people community I just decided to delete a few posts and do a new name on this one. 

So now instead of Fat 2 Fab Kaitlyn it is now Musings of My 20s. Yes I am still trying to get more "fab", but I just felt like this new name is more my style. And with  a new group I'm a part of I wanted to do a new introduction since a lot has changed since Jan. 2014. 

So hello new readers. My name is Kaitlyn. You can call me that or Kait, KK, or whatever.  I'm just turned 25. Whoop whoop. I am Christ Follower since April but I have been a Christian my whole life. More about that statement tomorrow! I live in sweet home Alabama ( roll tide). haha. I am really enjoying my life for the first time in awhile. I live with my parents right now and my baby sister. I'm oldest daughter of three girls. My poor daddy. haha. I have an amazing boyfriend of almost 7 months. He really saved my life. I am a foodie I love trying out different foods. I love to travel don't do as much I would like to. I love reading and have been obsessed with it since I could start to read on my own. I have the best friends in real life and online life. ummm.. if you would like to know more ask away and I will let you know anything you want to know! I promise to update more and let you know more of my story. Some of my story is coming up tomorrow so look out for it! 

Love Y'all, 


Oct 6, 2014

Oct 6th!! Birthday Girl

I can't keep calm so many God things are happening today!!  I already can tell 25 is going to be an amazing year!! 🙌🙏

I will blog on all that tomorrow! 

Now to day 6...  Every first Monday of the  month I'm going to link up with #firework people Lauren for... 

This co insides with bucket list #6 Read a book or more a month. I used to read all the time. I just haven't been lately. So right now I'm reading 3. One physical copy and 2 kindle ones. 







Oct 5, 2014

Day 4 and 5

It's been crazy this weekend!! I went back to my college for homecoming!! My second time as an alumnus. It was so needed! I got to see some dear friends I hadn't seen in so long! 

These girls were some of bible study girls! I really don't know where I would be without them! 

So Day 4 and 5 for personal goals. 

Day 4 I would love to run or walk a 5K starting this month every month for a year. :). 

Day 5 lastly I need go back to drinking water for my most of my drinking habits. I've been ok with that lately but sometimes I go buy a diet coke. Sometimes I get a coffee. I am just need to need to stop drinking empty calories. It's going to be hard but I know I can do it! 

Oct 3, 2014

Day 2 and 3

It's October 3!! which means 3 days until my birthday!! 

So I already forgot to blog yesterday. Boo. 

However this week on my bucket list is about me and my personal bucket list items. 

First I would love to lose 50lbs or more pounds this year. If you are new around here you don't know I have a problem with my weight. So I have lost almost 8 lbs that I know of these past few weeks. I am back on the weight loss train and working out at least 3 to 4 x a week now!! I know I can do it but it's going to be hard. Rome wasn't built in a day ya know!

My second goal is to buy a 2 piece I'm comfortable in. I've haven't felt comfy in one in quite some time. So we shall see how this goes. :). 

So there's 2 out of 31 out of my bucket list of being 25! What's on your bucket list this year!? 

Oct 1, 2014

31 Days 25th Year Bucket List

So today I start the 31 days of October challenge. I will be blogging about my bucket list for my 25th year.

 My birthday is Monday and I have always wanted to do a bucket list for a certain year. 

They will be separated each week with diffrent themes that are important to me. I can't wait to tell and show y'all my list!!  

So tomorrow I start my list eeek!! 

Love y'all,


Sep 22, 2014


As I look at my calendar today I look ahead 2 weeks from now and to be honest I'm grateful. I will be turning 25 that day. 

As I look back in my life I remember that 16, 17, year old girl who didn't think she would make it past 18. Who didn't think she would ever be loved. Who didn't think she would have a great group of girl friends who support her (even if most of them live far away). Who didn't believe God would forgive her for all her stuff. 

And now here I stand 2 weeks before my birthday thankful and blessed that I am here today with y'all. 

I have an amazing supportive boyfriend of almost 6 months. Who loves me for me. Who encourages me daily to be my best self. Who loves to take pictures and funny ones too. Who I see God's love in everyday. Who puts God before us. Who laughs, comforts, loves so big, and so much more. Who calls me out when I need it. I love you Adam. 

My girl friends here in town and across the USA are so supportive of me. I've never had such a great group girls who have rallied for me to show me they loved me like these girls. I finally realizing what a true friend is again and I am so thankful for that. 

Thanks for reading. 



Aug 25, 2014

Dear 2013 Kaitlyn,

Dear 2013 Kaitlyn Especially Aug. 27th one, 

      You are about to join a gym by yourself. You want to do this for you. Let me tell you you are going to do great at first but then you let a certain guy come in the way. (We all know who "he" is or was.) 

So you been on and off this journey for this past year because of him. Let me tell you girl he doesn't care that you are losing weight or even gaining weight. He only cared about himself. 

So finally in Feb. 23th 2014 that but of a guy broke up with you. First you are going to be sad and upset then angry then you finally get it. 

It's hard to tell you this but he truly never loved you. He tells you this. At first it hurts that you wasted 17 months on him, but it was all for a reason. 

The reason comes April 8th 2014. His name is Adam. He makes me you laugh, remembers stupid movie quotes and trivia again, and overall good guy. And he contacts you daily not just through texting but through calling you as well. 

He also encourages you through everything including weight loss. 
He is so much better for you girl. So hold him close and keep on holding on to him. He's worth it! 

You also have a great girlfriends in real life  and online life who helped you out through that time! They make everyday so much better!! Shout out to my prayer girls!!! 

So in 2 days you are about to celebrate one year at the gym you've called home and the family of supporters. You can do it this time! You have a whole team supporting you. You've got this! 

Yes sure you right where you started last time weight wise but you learned your lessons.

 So go now shinning star you can reach for anything!! 


2014 Kaitlyn 

Jul 9, 2014

Photoshoot with Adam

So I'm really sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I just have been on vacation or just had extreme writer's block. I am hoping to get back in the swing of things soon. 

So I will leave you photos from the photoshoot of me and Adam taken by one my best friends Lauren of Finding Free. 

She's been really wanting to do a photoshoot of us plus my guy wanted to do one as well. I hope you enjoy them. 

All the outside ones were taken at my college so I should could show Adam around because he has never been there. The inside ones were at a cupcake place me and Lauren would frequent. 



Jun 2, 2014

Adam's Take on First Date Plus More...

After two and a half years together, my ex-girlfriend had broken up with me for a coworker she had “feelings” for. I decided to be miserable for a few days, but while I was moping, I decided to pray about someone who fit God’s ideal woman for me. I thought long and hard about what I *needed* from a partner and what I *wanted.* I realized what I used to want was totally different than what I presently wanted…AND what I was presently wanted was more in line with what God wanted me to have. 

I took myself to a dating website. Met a couple of … well…“interesting” people, but when I saw Kaitlyn’s picture, I was absolutely stunned. I am quick to write myself off as not being in the same league as other people, but I decided to look at her profile. The age thing was the first thing, other than her beauty, that I thought would be a deal breaker. But I read in to her profile. She talked about being a Christian. She talked of musicals, Disney, and family ideals that I shared. With more positives than negatives coming from my initial reading, I flirted by giving her a 5 star rating. Who would have known that I would get a reply so quickly? We hit it off well and began texting that very day. We shared so much trivia with each other and talked about our jobs and families. 3 days later we were talking on the phone, which was awesome. I love breaking out movie quotes, and I thought to myself after our first phone call “I do remember the first time I heard the sweetest voice in the wide world.” Her voice gave me chills. 

What was more surprising is that the next day she asked if I wanted to get some lunch with her. I had to meet this woman face to face! Of course I said yes. I ran upstairs, cleaned myself up, made her a couple cds of things we had bonded over (the Lesley Ann Warren version of Cinderella and Clue) and was on my way to meet my destiny, though I wouldn’t have believed it at the time. I killed a few minutes at Best Buy while waiting on her arrival, and after a few minutes she texted me to say she had arrived. And for the first of many times to follow she sent a text saying “I see you.” Sneaky Kaitlyn has a way of hiding from me and watching me search for her. My don’t know if my first reaction was “she is so much cuter in real life” or “she’s so tiny,” but either way I immediately labeled her “adorable.” Lunch flew by too quickly, so I was glad she suggested hanging out at Best Buy, which also was nowhere near long enough for me…so it was off to Cold Stone Creamery for dessert, where we really got to talk a lot! 

By the end of the date, I had been invited to one of her friend’s wedding a couple weeks later. I thought, maybe, this would be the next time I would see her. I prayed a lot about Kaitlyn that night. I knew I wanted to be in her life and wanted her in mine. Prayers work, when you seek God’s will earnestly and without any glory for yourself. That glory will be given to you when He rewards you with what you’ve pursued. Ever since that night, we have been almost inseparable. We’ve gone out over twenty times in less than two months. 
I get to talk to her every day. I thought at first, it would just be texting, but I have verbally spoken to her every day since our first date. I can’t imagine not having that in my life. 

I met and adore her family. Every one of them is unique and kind to me, which I know might be hard…me being a relatively unknown to them. It was extremely intimidating for me to ask permission to date somebody. I’ve never had to do that before, but to know Kaitlyn’s father, you’d think I was a fool to be scared. I finally asked, after some encouragement, on May 9, and we’ve been “official” ever since. 

I cherish every moment we spend together. It doesn’t matter if we are dressing up for a wedding, just going out to eat, going to hear her sister sing, hanging out and watching movies, whatever it is, I make the most of my time with Kaitlyn. I literally thank God EVERY day for letting her be in my life, as she does for me. We pray together before one of us goes to sleep and we’re working on a couple’s devotional to strengthen our relationship. 

I plan on being around for quite a long time, Kaitlyn-followers. I never will intentionally hurt her, and I’ve given her permission to let any of her friends/family hunt me down if I do. So stick around, enjoy the show, and pray for us once in a while! --Adam

And more pics.. hehe