Feb 28, 2014

I wear Purple Today

hey everyone I am guest posting over at my friends blog today but you can check out what I wrote here today as well as on her blog and I would love for you to go support her as well so I'm going to give you her blog address as well. 


hey everyone! I'm Kaitlyn. I'm Lauren's biffle/biffie. I have been her friend now for 3 years going on 10 plus. Totally kidding about the 10 plus years, but really I have been her best friend for 3 years now.  How did I know she was going to be my best friend she got me out of a shirt in a dressing room. not even a week knowing me. haha.

We have been through a lot together my first 2 relationships plus the heartbreak coming from those events. to the biggest one of them of them all.  

           Lauren's eating disorder. 

You see I found through email before she came out on this blog. I was the first friend she told. Receiving that email was one of the saddest days of my life. I blamed myself for not seeing it. I spent everyday with this girl. Well mostly everyday. Oh I cried for days. 

However being friends with a person who has ED in serious and hard business. 

One of the hardest things is when the disease even cut me out of her life for sometime. It was so so hard. You see Lauren is one of the true friends who actually gets me. She gets my weird quirks, my anxiety. this girl is going to be yellow dress 
( jk) wearing bridesmaid, my engagement photographer, and so much more. 

Here's a few things you can do to help if your "Lauren"'in your life has an ED. 

1. Find the right time to do it. Don't do it when it is a stressful time. Be cautious when you do it. 

2. Don't let the focus be on meals. this is one of the hardest. meals are hardest for people who have ED. So do something else for a change. 

3. Lastly be patient with them. Her ED won't disappear over night. Rome wasn't built in a day people. Just be there and love on them when you can. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. 



Feb 24, 2014


There's going to be a lot of change around here. that's not including what I did to my hair on Saturday. which I broke one of my 25 before 25 goals. 

I cut my hair. Like a lot of it. It was needed. I had a ton of dead ends. plus it was getting way too long for my taste and it has so much body  and get tangly so much. 

that's all of the hair I lost well most of it. 

The Finished project!! 

I am so in love with it. I even like I can't put my hair anymore. 

Also this is going to be one of the hardest things I have ever typed. 

Me and Bryan broke up yesterday. I really want to respect himself and I during this time not to get into specifics. 

However I do want to say. I am so glad for our relationship. He showed me a lot. He showed me good guys do exist again. That someone could love despite all my "scars."  I am so thankful for it.

So right now I am going to focus on me. I worked out this morning. It was hard getting back up early, but I know/need/can do this!! 

So that's all for now. 



Feb 18, 2014

literary junkies Vol. 2

I linked up with these girls last month and I loved it.  espically now since I got a kindle from 2nd & Charles. I am so in love with it. I didn't think I would. haha. 

so now onwards to the questions!! 

1. What are you reading right now? Tell us about it!

I'm actually reading like 5 books right now. just started them. 

Eleanor and Park 

My Big Bottom Blessing 

Jesus Feminst 

2. What books are on your bedside table at the moment?

oh that's a ton. I don't have enough room on my bookshelfs so books on the bedside and floor next to it. 

I think one is Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. haha. 

3. Amazon recently released the 100 books to read (http://facebook.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e4b480e8080a5bd4a6734a386&id=9974f9b1f9&e=f00416b3fe) in a lifetime.  What did they miss that you would add?
ooo that's a hard one. maybe this book. it was a book of my childhood and will be when I have kids. 

4. Are there any books being published in 2014 that you are anxiously awaiting?  If so, what are they?

well it just came out a few weeks ago.  
the stars won't go out. it is by the person who the fault in our stars is dedicated too.

5. Name the next 3 books in your To Be Read List (the ones you will be reading next on your list.)

1. Serena 

2. I don't know yet it just depends on what's the cheapest on amazon or at the library. 

Feb 17, 2014

Another Wake Up Call..

So I have been really slacking lately with my health again and it's not been fun at all. 

with all the stupid weather and just not being motivated at all I've had enough of it. and some personal issues I don't really want to dive into right now. 

I even missed my 5K I was supposed to run/walk on Saturday because I was just lazy and lacking motivation at all. 

So starting today I'm starting afresh. I hope y'all can help me keep accountable. I'm back to drinking my water.  I hope to be down at least 225 by the end of the month. I know I can do it. I'm only 2 lbs away. then that would make my weight loss 25 lbs!! :) so I could mark off one goal!! thanks for supporting me again!! 

I would love to point at Mosby from Smplicity Is Key for waking me up as well!!  



Feb 13, 2014

These Scars...

I always have so many songs that have a special meaning to me. Right now is "What Scars Are For" by Mandisa. 

I am about to start writing a blogging series based on this song. I'm really excitied/nervous about it. 

I haven't been this open in awhile. 

These lines in the song really affected me. 

"  These scars aren't pretty
But they're a part of me
And will not ever fade away
These marks tell a story
Of me down in the valley" 

The first story comes out tomorrow. It is mine and Bryan's love story.  I hope you enjoy this journey we are about to go on together!!!



Feb 11, 2014

Random Thoughts of Kaitlyn Tuesday Edition

So I've been really blog stumped lately. So I'm just going to just put random thoughts that have popped in my head lately. Haha. 

1. I love how last night I wore shirt outside in and with the tag in the front plus put my pj pants on my backwards and didn't notice until this morning. 

2. I really not digging this ice cold rain one minute and high 60s almost 70s weather Alabama. Why you so bipolar. 

3. I really hope I can go to influence Confrence in September. Or at least visit some girls this summer that I have gotten close to in the overcome the lie community. 

4. I love having a group of girlfriends again. Even though they are far away. Community of girls has been struggle of mine to have since I was 16. 

5. I also so ready for Feburary to end. I miss my guy. I miss that I haven't seen him since the beginning of Jan. 

6. After a week off from working out due to a sick baby and a sinus infection for me. Having a leg day sucks. I'm so sore today. And doing stuff like basketball drills. Ugh. 

7. Last but not least. IF  I am stuck at work today least I have food this time!!  Unlike last time where I felt like I gained like 10 lbs in 3 days. Which is total exaggeration but having just bad foods no greens. Yuck. 

Well I hope you loved my random thoughts. 



Feb 5, 2014

Is Rachel Too Thin!? Or What do You Think!?

So I may or may not controversy with what I'm saying today. This is my opinion. 

So I don't usually watch The Biggest Loser. I  usually just watch the first episode, makeover episode, and finale. 

So Rachel the winner is my age. She started at 260. So I could relate to her. I also related to her because she gained weight from a bad breakup. So I was rooting for her. 

When she started. 

I loved her makeover and she only had a few more lbs to go. And she looked beautiful. 151 right there. 

So I haven't watched the finale. However I saw that she won!! I was so excitied! However I saw what she weighed in I was in shock. So I looked. I couldn't believe it.

See for yourself !! 

She is 105 lbs!!!! I'm sorry that is way too skinny!! Especially  for her height of 5ft 4 in!!

Another look. 

Yes she probably did get this low for the money. But it comes with a price. She could remain the size or go up to her "perfect" weight for her. 

Even my ideal weight is 103-113. I am a small frame and 4'11. I know I won't look healthy. So that's one reason my goal is 125-130. 

So yeah there's my 2 cents for the day. 

Some people have been saying she's too thin. To me she is a little. But most of her body is muscle now if you really look at her. 

I don't know what to think. I'm kind of still processing it. In no way am I judging her at all. 

As an overweight young woman her age I feel her pain about weight gain. 



Feb 3, 2014

40 Day Challenge plus some!

So I signed to do Overcome The Lie's 40 Day Challenge. Last time I did one with these ladies it wrecked me in a good awesome way. I can't wait to see what's in store. 

So this time I am fasting from some huge major things that have come in the way for me. Not just spiritually, but physically as well. 

For spiritually I'm giving up secular music. That's a tough one for me. Music is my heart, soul, and then some. However I have not been listening to my Christian/Worship music like I should. So for the next now 37 days I will be only listening to that. Plus I may add a few more days because I absolutely love to start off my days with it. 

Physically I'm giving up 2 things. One being carbonated drinks. I used to be off from them completely because my parents didn't buy them. However they are back to it. So right now my head is throbing out of control for some.  I will be getting rid of this habit completely not just for 40 days. 

The next one being fast food. I've been so bad here lately with this one. I honestly don't know why I picked up this habit again. Mainly due to laziness and necessity. If I has a drive thru then no eating for me.  

My face has been breaking out more then usual. From the fried food and fries. This will help with my weight loss too. This will hopefully turn into a great thing where I won't need it at all. Or unless I have to after these 40 days. 

So these are fasts for the 40 days I would love for y'all to keep me accountable to them!!