Dec 30, 2013

Hey Y'all.

Hey Y'all.

I'm Kaitlyn/KK/ Kait. 

Some of you may know me from the  crazy life of Kaitlyn blog.  I decided a month ago to start all over fresh with a new blog. 

I also wanted to surprise y'all by launching this blog 2 days earlier then expected!! :). 

I am still working on the pages they should be done on Jan. 1. 

I am going to give you  a little about me since I may have some new readers. ( Welcome!!!).  And what this blog is about. :) 

2013 was the year that I finally got my health and myself in order. After I got done with college I nannyed for 2 amazing kids however I also got to be the heaviest I have ever been I rocked the scale at 250. 

So when I got back home I immediately went back to WW(weight watchers) and I also joined Elite Fitness at the end of Aug. I also got a job as a nanny for a little girl. 

Elite Fitness has changed my life. My trainers and the people I work out with every MWF plus Sat push me so so much!!  

I am now to 231. I probably could be down more, but I am a recovering emotional eater. 

I also suffer from anxiety and depression. My depression is under control however my anxiety is controlled by medicine. 

I am also a big people pleaser. So yeah. 

Today I'm starting p90x3 plus working out at elite fitness still plus doing a 5k a month. And train for one at least every 3 months. Yes I'm crazy. But you know what Rome wasn't built in a day and I didn't get this body over night either. 

So on your mark get set and fastin your seat belts this journey of weight loss starts now!! I can't wait for y'all to read along and support me along the way. 

Love y'all.