Feb 19, 2015

Happy 95th Birthday

Today is my grandfather's 95th birthday!! He was one awesome dude! I know I promised yall a post about him on MLK but since his birthday is a significant one. :) 

He was born in 1920 right when the 1920s were roaring. He was the son of a Methodist minister who was of his time either. My great grandfather got run out of the town one time for burying a black woman who was at the time living with white man.  He was also one of the few white pastors who met with Dr. King during Selma-Montgomery match.

My grandfather married my grandma in 1946. My dad was the surprise. She was 40 when she had. She was beautiful. 

She passed away in 1970. I can't wait for the day to meet her. 

My grandfather was also ahead of his time. He stood up to the KKK.  I'm so glad to be have their blood running through my veins.  My grandfather is getting to live through so much. He never thought an African American would be president during his lifetime or my state would allow people that are gay to be allowed to marry. He's proud that he lived this long to see it. I am proud to be his granddaughter and have his middle name. 

Thank you Grandaddy Arthur/Paw Paw! I love you!