Oct 24, 2014

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So I have been on blogging break once again. At first I thought I wanted to start all over with a new blog and new address and everything. Then talking to Mandy one of my sweet new friends in Firework people community I just decided to delete a few posts and do a new name on this one. 

So now instead of Fat 2 Fab Kaitlyn it is now Musings of My 20s. Yes I am still trying to get more "fab", but I just felt like this new name is more my style. And with  a new group I'm a part of I wanted to do a new introduction since a lot has changed since Jan. 2014. 

So hello new readers. My name is Kaitlyn. You can call me that or Kait, KK, or whatever.  I'm just turned 25. Whoop whoop. I am Christ Follower since April but I have been a Christian my whole life. More about that statement tomorrow! I live in sweet home Alabama ( roll tide). haha. I am really enjoying my life for the first time in awhile. I live with my parents right now and my baby sister. I'm oldest daughter of three girls. My poor daddy. haha. I have an amazing boyfriend of almost 7 months. He really saved my life. I am a foodie I love trying out different foods. I love to travel don't do as much I would like to. I love reading and have been obsessed with it since I could start to read on my own. I have the best friends in real life and online life. ummm.. if you would like to know more ask away and I will let you know anything you want to know! I promise to update more and let you know more of my story. Some of my story is coming up tomorrow so look out for it! 

Love Y'all, 


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