Aug 25, 2014

Dear 2013 Kaitlyn,

Dear 2013 Kaitlyn Especially Aug. 27th one, 

      You are about to join a gym by yourself. You want to do this for you. Let me tell you you are going to do great at first but then you let a certain guy come in the way. (We all know who "he" is or was.) 

So you been on and off this journey for this past year because of him. Let me tell you girl he doesn't care that you are losing weight or even gaining weight. He only cared about himself. 

So finally in Feb. 23th 2014 that but of a guy broke up with you. First you are going to be sad and upset then angry then you finally get it. 

It's hard to tell you this but he truly never loved you. He tells you this. At first it hurts that you wasted 17 months on him, but it was all for a reason. 

The reason comes April 8th 2014. His name is Adam. He makes me you laugh, remembers stupid movie quotes and trivia again, and overall good guy. And he contacts you daily not just through texting but through calling you as well. 

He also encourages you through everything including weight loss. 
He is so much better for you girl. So hold him close and keep on holding on to him. He's worth it! 

You also have a great girlfriends in real life  and online life who helped you out through that time! They make everyday so much better!! Shout out to my prayer girls!!! 

So in 2 days you are about to celebrate one year at the gym you've called home and the family of supporters. You can do it this time! You have a whole team supporting you. You've got this! 

Yes sure you right where you started last time weight wise but you learned your lessons.

 So go now shinning star you can reach for anything!! 


2014 Kaitlyn 

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  1. I have been waiting a lifetime for you to love yourself as much as I love you!! You can do this for you!!!