Jun 2, 2014

Adam's Take on First Date Plus More...

After two and a half years together, my ex-girlfriend had broken up with me for a coworker she had “feelings” for. I decided to be miserable for a few days, but while I was moping, I decided to pray about someone who fit God’s ideal woman for me. I thought long and hard about what I *needed* from a partner and what I *wanted.* I realized what I used to want was totally different than what I presently wanted…AND what I was presently wanted was more in line with what God wanted me to have. 

I took myself to a dating website. Met a couple of … well…“interesting” people, but when I saw Kaitlyn’s picture, I was absolutely stunned. I am quick to write myself off as not being in the same league as other people, but I decided to look at her profile. The age thing was the first thing, other than her beauty, that I thought would be a deal breaker. But I read in to her profile. She talked about being a Christian. She talked of musicals, Disney, and family ideals that I shared. With more positives than negatives coming from my initial reading, I flirted by giving her a 5 star rating. Who would have known that I would get a reply so quickly? We hit it off well and began texting that very day. We shared so much trivia with each other and talked about our jobs and families. 3 days later we were talking on the phone, which was awesome. I love breaking out movie quotes, and I thought to myself after our first phone call “I do remember the first time I heard the sweetest voice in the wide world.” Her voice gave me chills. 

What was more surprising is that the next day she asked if I wanted to get some lunch with her. I had to meet this woman face to face! Of course I said yes. I ran upstairs, cleaned myself up, made her a couple cds of things we had bonded over (the Lesley Ann Warren version of Cinderella and Clue) and was on my way to meet my destiny, though I wouldn’t have believed it at the time. I killed a few minutes at Best Buy while waiting on her arrival, and after a few minutes she texted me to say she had arrived. And for the first of many times to follow she sent a text saying “I see you.” Sneaky Kaitlyn has a way of hiding from me and watching me search for her. My don’t know if my first reaction was “she is so much cuter in real life” or “she’s so tiny,” but either way I immediately labeled her “adorable.” Lunch flew by too quickly, so I was glad she suggested hanging out at Best Buy, which also was nowhere near long enough for me…so it was off to Cold Stone Creamery for dessert, where we really got to talk a lot! 

By the end of the date, I had been invited to one of her friend’s wedding a couple weeks later. I thought, maybe, this would be the next time I would see her. I prayed a lot about Kaitlyn that night. I knew I wanted to be in her life and wanted her in mine. Prayers work, when you seek God’s will earnestly and without any glory for yourself. That glory will be given to you when He rewards you with what you’ve pursued. Ever since that night, we have been almost inseparable. We’ve gone out over twenty times in less than two months. 
I get to talk to her every day. I thought at first, it would just be texting, but I have verbally spoken to her every day since our first date. I can’t imagine not having that in my life. 

I met and adore her family. Every one of them is unique and kind to me, which I know might be hard…me being a relatively unknown to them. It was extremely intimidating for me to ask permission to date somebody. I’ve never had to do that before, but to know Kaitlyn’s father, you’d think I was a fool to be scared. I finally asked, after some encouragement, on May 9, and we’ve been “official” ever since. 

I cherish every moment we spend together. It doesn’t matter if we are dressing up for a wedding, just going out to eat, going to hear her sister sing, hanging out and watching movies, whatever it is, I make the most of my time with Kaitlyn. I literally thank God EVERY day for letting her be in my life, as she does for me. We pray together before one of us goes to sleep and we’re working on a couple’s devotional to strengthen our relationship. 

I plan on being around for quite a long time, Kaitlyn-followers. I never will intentionally hurt her, and I’ve given her permission to let any of her friends/family hunt me down if I do. So stick around, enjoy the show, and pray for us once in a while! --Adam

And more pics.. hehe 


  1. I'm so happy for you both! I love the way God has written this love story for you, and look forward to following along as He continues writing it for you! :)