Jan 10, 2014

Top 5 New Healthy Things I've Found

So I'm linking up with the beautiful mother to be Joy!! :). My first time too!! Woot woot!! :). 

So since I'm trying to eat as clean as possible I've found some good eats. That I absolutely love!! I can tell you where to get it! :). 

First one is 

You can get these meals at Target. They are so so good. They are so many kinds. From sunbutter made out of sunflower seeds, tuna, hummus, pepperoni, turkey, etc. they are next to Mac and cheese. Also it is a plus doesn't have to be refridgerated! You can also order online. 

I was introduced to this hummus with meal above. It is so so good. It is by far the best hummus I've ever had. :) 
Publix should have it in the chip isle, but you can also order it online. And you can get ones that don't have to refridgerated.


I've been using almond milk with my shakeology. It is so so good. I have been mix in lots of fruit. :). It is so good.  It can be found anywhere. 


I love me some guac. It is so hard to do so I always buy these. And they are 100 calories which is a plus. I got these at Publix. 


I love quiona but it is so hard to know when it's done sometimes. This is found in the frozen section at target. 

I haven't had this one yet. There's at least 4 flavors. 

I have tried the southern western flavor. So so good. Quiona, black beans, pineapple, and red peppers. I wished I had some Tyson already made steak or chicken strips and guac when I had it. It was so so good. 

I hope you liked all my 5 suggestions!! ;). 



I also get to see JBK this weekend!! :) :) and we get to have Christmas finally!! :) 


  1. I haven't tried any of the things you have shown above. Of course, after the baby comes, I think I might have to try some of it. Happy Friday, and thanks for linking up today. Y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love hummus! And back when I first started Insanity, I ordered the Shakeology and tried the Almond milk with it - yep, it was worth it! I still drink it on occasion just because I can and love using it in smoothies.

  3. I've JUST discovered Unsweetened Almond/Coconut milk. So far the only place I need/use it is in my smoothies. I was told just this week to try hummus....going to add it to my Monday shopping list. I'll have to add the other's you've listed in weeks in the future (just trying not to add to much we're not used to on the budget all at once.