Jan 29, 2014

Snow Yesterday

So yesterday the south was getting to say some of us got excited and some of us not. 

It was just a regular day. My area was only supposed to get a "dusting."  It started around 10. Then it got worse. We only got 1 to 2 in. I know that's not a lot but the south isn't used to it. 

The ice on the roads got worse. Schools were closing early. And so much more. 

The people I nanny for were stuck on the road. Thankfully they got home. Even they had to walk home. It was only a mile because they left their car in a parking lot. 

Some people did not get home at all. My mom is stuck at work. Thankfully her boss found her and co workers places to stay. :) 

Some people are stuck at schools.  Kids and teachers. Some parents even walked to get their kids because they were stuck. Some parents felt bad they couldn't get their babies. 

My baby sister got home. My dad got home too. He brought home a few co workers and my sister brought home a few friends and siblings.  

I'm stuck at the place I nanny. They provided me a bed, toiletries, etc.  I possibly will have to spend the night here again tonight. 

So please everyone keep the south in your prayers. 

However this our farm with snow.

This is one of interstates! 280. 


  1. Being from Ohio, this whole mess is still so hard for me to believe! I hope you all will get things back and running soon. Praying for you all!

  2. It wouldn't have been nearly as bad for either of us if schools weren't in session on Tuesday. That just made the whole situation that much worse. And that everyone was released at the same time. Chaos. I'm so grateful that I worked from home on Tuesday and I am so happy that Jeremy was able to get home before hell broke loose. He left in that 10 minute window and got home safely. It was nuts!