Jan 21, 2014

Literary Junkies Jan.

I used to link up with this group with my old blog and I want to get back to it! :). So here goes nothing..

This month questions.... 

Here are this month's questions:
1. What are you reading right now? Tell us about it.
2. Out of the 16 books that will be turned into a movie adaptation, which one are you most looking forward to seeing this year? (Article Link)
3. What was the worst book you've ever read?
4. What foods or beverages have you spilled on a book while reading? Anything good?
5. Do you pictures characters as popular film or tv actors? Or do you create a whole new person in your head?
6. Out of all the authors you've read books by, who's brain would you want to pick the most?

1. I am reading Beautiful Creatures. I just started. I'm really liking it so far. :). 

2. I've only read one on the list. And that is The Fault in Our Stars. And I can't wait for it!!! 

3. It is toss up between Lord of the flies and the hunger games. I'm sorry I just couldn't get into it. 

4. Water is always the culprit. Dang you water by drinking or by reading in the tub or by the pool. 

5. I really just come up with cluster of people in my head. Sometimes I picture my friends, family, etc playing the characters. Haha 

6. I would love to pick John Green or Lurlene McDaniel'a brain. Haha. Two complete opposites. I love love John Green. Then Lurlene McDaniel's books came in my life when I needed them most. And for that I'm grateful. Oh and also JK Rowling. So so many Harry potter questions hahaha. 




  1. I'm excited for all the books on the movie list but definitely The Fault in Our Stars is tops for me too!

  2. I love John Green too and I CANNOT WAIT to see TFIOS! I've already told my husband to plan a date night the night the movie premiers because we WILL be in line to see the first showing! Haha!

  3. I did not like the end of Beautiful Creatures. Curious to see what you think!


  4. WE ARE THE SAME PERSON. Well, kinda, I'm about two books ahead of you same person. I read Beautiful Creatures last year before watching the movie (it's good btw) and quickly read the second one, but just recently got the third in the series and I started it a couple days ago. YAY FOR TWINSIES!

  5. I'm excited for Fault of our Stars too. What a fantastic book! So good. I also can't wait for Divergent. I'm a little nervous to see it on screen, but I can't wait. I need to read #3 in the series, btw. I am a little sad that you didn't like Hunger Games, but to each their own. It is a great story with a fabulous heroine.

  6. The Hunger Games was okay until book 3 then it feel apart for me.

  7. Oh, thanks for the list of book-movies! I'm probably most looking forward to Divergent, but The Fault in our Stars, Gone Girl, and Dark Places are all books that I enjoyed as well that would be good to see. There's a couple on that list that remind me that they're on my reading list. I better get busy! I hope you enjoy your book!