Jun 1, 2014

Hello Blog World...

Hello Blog World!! 

Nice to see you again. I'm sorry I have been MIA  since March 12. A lot has happened since then. 

Well to recap breakup happened. I was angry with God for letting who I thought was the love of my life leave me. I was so so angry y'all. 

Well on April 2nd me and God finally had "the talk."  I was sick of being angry and sick of being taking advantage by guys. So I finally prayed to God to take away my anger and finally help me overcome this life I was living. 

On April 8th I started to this guy named Adam. At first I was nervous just because to me he was way older then what my "guidelines"  were. However I looked at his interests and his hobbies and I knew we would hit off. At first I was like oh he could be a great friend to have. So we started to talk/text every day. 

On Saturday the 13th we were talking about sushi ( he had never had "real sushi" before me he would only eat if it was on a buffet) and I remembered he brought up he just had gotten paid the previous day. So me being the smart one asked if he wanted to go try "real sushi"
with me at this place. Which he did. It's only 30 min away so i told him I would meet him there in a hour and half. So I showered and got ready to go. 

Y'all I was so so nervous. So I met him and y'all all my nerves went away the moment I hugged him. We ate sushi ( with pop rocks on it no lie) and had some Cold Stone. It was by far one of the best first dates I ever been on. 

We have been together ever since!! 

He asked my dad to date on May 9th.  

We have been on more dates these past almost 2 months then I did with MAG and JBK put together. 

And he texts and calls daily!!!! 

I am going to try and blog these next 29 days!! 
I will talk about our dates and other stuff that is happening!! 

I also hope you love the new blog design!! 

I will leave you now with some pics!! 



First pic and first date 

2nd date 

A Wedding Date 

Right After he asked my Dad

Our usual selfs 
(just kidding) 

The Day he shaved for me!! 😍😍😍

And us being funny!! 


  1. Aww you all are so cute!!! Glad to see you are happy =) Welcome back!!!

  2. Hiyah
    I stumbled on your previous blog because I'm also doing a 25 before 25. Just wanted to say it's cool to see you happy :-) and I wish you all the best. I look forward to reading more. (and I see your now doing 30 before 30)
    L x