Jan 21, 2015

Sorry For 2 Weeks Off

Hey Yall.

Sorry for a 2 week delay. I was given the sinus infection from he double hockey sticks.

 I started feeling bad last Thursday. I finally got to feeling betting Tuesday because I got got a shot, plus 2 meds at the Dr Monday. 

Al weather is being so bi polar. So I'm still on the mend. 

I hopefully will have a post for yall tomorrow. 

So to hold you off until tomorrow some new pics of me and Adam!! 

We now have been together 9 months!!

I was sick on Sat so I was little drugged up. Haha. He made me his famous chili. We   watched our favorite Disney movies and cuddled! One of my favorite things to do! Since we never just lay down and rest! 

I love this boy even if he makes silly faces. 




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